Always Bridge The Gap: Mix Voice – An Introduction

Always bridge the gap: Mix Voice – An Introduction 

If singers choose to skip what’s known as the “Mix Voice”, they risk causing long-term damage to their voice. So what, then, is the Mix Voice and how does it alleviate this problem?
The Mix Voice is otherwise known as the Middle Register (all will be explained). As its name suggests, it sits between the lower range of vocals commonly known as Chest Voice, (or Chest Register), and the higher range of notes, known as the Head Voice (or Head Register).
The Middle Register’s primary function, is to avoid the “flip” sound that occurs in the voice at certain key points along your vocal ascent. If you sing, starting on a comfortable note and begin rising in pitch, you will get to a note where you feel something… weird… going on with your voice, as if it doesn’t know where to place itself; a kind of tug-of-war sensation. I won’t go into the science of what is happening here on this occasion, but to the untrained singer it would be at this point, the break point, that the sound would “flip” into a much weaker sound -unless the Middle Register is engaged. So what about the alternative name for it -the Mix Voice?

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Author: Trace Taylor

Trace is a disciple of Jesus Christ. She is an artisan in the arenas of songwriting, creative writing and biblical teaching, music composition, stage performance and dance in worship. A vocal coach in her spare time, Trace's primary "call" is as a worship leader. She loves the presence of GOD.

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