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“I don’t get how you can believe in what you can’t see…”
This is the question I have had asked me as a believer in a Creator God, a number of times throughout my life. Where do you stand on the subject?
EX NIHILO gets straight into the nitty-gritty of the subject. From within the first few pages it will become apparent that we all, actually, believe in what we cannot see. That’s quite a statement! Upon this realisation, the reader is invited to take the legendary ‘leap of faith’ and cross that infamous Indiana Jones chasm, to step from an initial concept of faith into an altogether higher sphere.
Does it matter if there is an invisible realm or not? Why the big deal anyway?
Read EX NIHILO to find out. Whether you decide to receive the invitation and take that leap of faith, will be wholly up to you.

Find out:
– if our actions are influenced by the unseen realm
– if there really is a Divine hand behind creation
answers to burning questions, such as ‘if there is a loving God, why does he allow suffering?’
– about the mystery of Woman
…and much more!