Trace Taylor & The Resonators

It started in the morning of 2013 when I (Trace) saw the biography of The Who’s Pete Townsend by the side of my husband’s bed. It looked interesting, I thought.

Later that day I check my inbox only to see I have an email from a Pete Townsend! “No…” I exclaimed, “It can’t be!!” -And you’d be right – it wasn’t. BUT… It was Pete Townsend, a pro bass player who has his own Italian signature cab named after him, responding to my advert for a bass player that I had totally forgotten I had posted!

Since then we’ve done bits and pieces here and there, mainly Pete helping me lay bass parts down for tunes I was recording (Trinity [2013]; It Is Finished [2015]; The Yeshua Tree 1 [2018]). There seemed no end of obstacles stopping us from getting out on the road as a band. Finally in May of 2018, along with my drummer husband, Trace & The Resonators launched…

Singer-songwriter Trace Taylor is most likened to Florence + The Machine and Annie Lennox. Playing in 444HZ, which is different to standard westonised tuning, Trace + The Resonators combine heart with professionality to deliver a set with real soul.

The mission of Trace + The Resonators is to communicate the love of Creator God through the story of His Son, Jesus Christ. We commit our events to Him, welcoming His Holy Ghost presence into our midst to administer healing and direction.

Our desire and prayer for events that we play at, is that you encounter the reality of the One who loves you the most. We invite Jehovah Elohim, Creator God, to take the stage and fill the place with His glory.

Speech of the Silent Heavens – from The Study Sessions

Yeshua – from The Study Sessions

Trace + The Resonators are:

Trace Taylor – Lead vocals, guitar, keys

Pete Townsend – Bass & guitars

Ween Taylor – Drums and percussion

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