"'It's worship first and anything else comes out of that' The Lord Jesus said to me in February, 2006. Creativity of music and art cultivated out of that place of worship creates music and art from the heart, which in turn creates art that releases Heaven's touch."
Trace Taylor

Trace Taylor is a British worship leader, a singer-songwriting recording artist and an author. A licensed minister with Renaissance Coalition (formerly The International Fellowship of Ministries), Trace attends and ministers at St. John’s Church in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. She is also endorsed by the Beacon House of Prayer (S-o-T) and is known to carry the ‘Seer’ prophet anointing. Trace in addition is part of Torchlighters International and The Extreme Tour movements.

Since first stepping out into song-writing over twenty years ago, 2015 saw Trace’s debut solo album “It Is Finished” finally released. Over the last few years, Trace’s demographic as a worship leader, artist, speaker and mentor has extended to [North] Macedonia, Spain, Finland and Nashville, U.S.A. having struck up a partnership with international youth outreach initiative, The Extreme Tour.

Carrying a vision of tall trees from a number of years ago, it appears this is now becoming established as Trace’s creativity within music is branching out into all kinds of avenues. Trace’s compositional writings are expanding into a diversity of genres, from electro-pop-rock Christian cross-over to devotional worship, ‘Ibiza style’ dance and Gothic genres (as heard with her new single “Parousia”) and her latest project she is currently working on with youth. As a singer, Trace is often compared with Annie Lennox, Florence Welch, Alanis Morrisette, with a little of Kate Bush.

Currently recording The Yeshua Tree #2, this is the second of a series of 3 CDs showcasing different branches of Trace’s musical expressions. EX NIHILO, Trace’s debut book, is another new and exciting branch to emerge!

When Trace is not recording, performing or gigging with Trace + The Resonators, she is a CCM Singing Teacher and Vocal, Performance & Voice Therapy Coach.

"Phenomenal gifting and talent"
Samme-Palermo, CEO-HeirChex Digital. Global distribution of Christian music to radio and pastor at TheOasisCF.com.
"I love the music! People have gotta know though... Trace is more than just about music"
Kevin Prosche, U.S.A and worldwide known worship leader. Owner of Third Ear Studios, Kevin is also in a band called The Black Peppercorns.

Trace Taylor is a member of the Musicians Union.