"I love the music! People have gotta know though... Trace is more than just about music"
Kevin Prosche, U.S.A. Worldwide known musician within the Christian arena. Owner of Third Ear Studios and lead singer/writer of the band The Black Peppercorns.

“Trace Taylor’s songwriting spans a diversity of genres, including electro-pop-rock ‘Christian cross-over’, ‘Ibiza style’ dance and her latest branch, ‘Christian Gothic’. Trace is often compared with Annie Lennox, Florence + The Machine, with a little of Kate Bush.” – Zero Tolerance Magazine (ztmag.com)

Trace Taylor is a British singer-songwriter, recording artist and author. Her latest music offering titled The Yeshua Tree (Vol 2) – the second of a three part series – contains ten original tracks, showcasing the eclectic mix of genres she writes in. (Check out the reviews page.) Having decided to step away from ‘standard westonised tuning’ of 440hz (entrenched in 1955), Trace now records all her music in A=444. There’s a long story behind the hertz theory, but in a nutshell, 444 (amongst other frequencies, the most well known being 432) is scientifically proven to have a more positive impact on listeners overall well-being.* (Coldplay is just one of a number of a mainstream bands who have chosen alternative tuning to 440hz in recent recordings.) 

Trace’s branches of creativity are showcased within The Yeshua Tree project, with compositional writings spanning a diversity of genres from Gothic, (of which Trace & The Resonators herald – see Trace’s 2020 single Parousia or type in https://parousiathesingle.com), to unplugged devotional worship; pop-rock-electro cross-over, to Ibiza style dance. Trace’s latest youth and spoken-word tracks, both of which feature in The Yeshua Tree 2, have formed a new ‘collaboration branch’. The third and final volume, The Yeshua Tree 3, is aimed to be out by the end of 2024/early 2025. If you would like to be kept updated with progress reports, please enter your email into the form at the bottom of this page and hit subscribe!

Trace’s demographic as a worship leader, performance and recording artist, speaker, and mentor, has extended to mainland Europe and the United States, including a partnership with Nashville based international youth outreach movement, The Extreme Tour. Trace is associate pastor at St. John’s Church in Burslem, the mother town of Stoke-on-Trent in England, and pastors ‘Hope Valley’ – a church plant of the Fellowship of Churches of Christ under whom Trace is an ordained minister. Also a part of Torchlighters International and the National Heart of Worship for the United Kingdom, Trace travels regularly to minister with the collective.

Trace is a qualified teacher of CCM style singing with The Voice College in London, a member of the ISME and a member of the Musicians Union.