The Yeshua Tree 2, 2023 : 9/10
Says Cross Rhythms reviewer John Cheek, Broadcast journalist and presenter at Flame Radio,

Five years after the release of The Yeshua Tree (which was intended to be the first in an E.P series), Trace Taylor returns with this, the second full-length album of the theme. 

Presumably, a two-year global pandemic was a factor in the delay in the L.P. reaching us; it may also have had an influence on the sonic and lyrical character of the follow-up. However, far from being loaded with paranoia, the second Tree is full of fruit that has clearly ripened and matured and now  provided a sumptuous feast of tasty dishes that can, at times, be described as 'Christian Goth'. It depends on which branch is being heard. The first three tracks, the Dance Club Branch, contain prime examples of deep house that takes the listener on a journey to the dance-floor and beyond, evoking personal and spiritual horizons and bringing things long-residing in the back of your mind, to the fore-front of your reflections. Included among them is a Tropical Mix of the exquisite, 'Drops Of Crystal Love'.

Three more tracks form the Gothic Branch, including 'All Seeing Eyes', referencing 2 Chronicles 16:9 and Deuteronomy 31:6. Those familiar with the excellent Trace Taylor back-catalogue will, by now, have noticed how the artist again seems to have progressed yet further - not just in terms of 'quality control', as all playing and singing is still superb, if not better than ever - and clearly in terms of sonic development, if that were possible. Perhaps the production from Sony award-winning Shaun Love has helped facilitate this new dynamic, as every element of this collection is hard to fault. Time and top-quality production obscures the realisation that most of these tracks possibly began their lives in the artist's kitchen, or began their germination in a garage of a band-mate and perhaps spent most of their time there, until final recording. 

Special Branch is the most-eclectic trio, including the instrumental 'Touch The Air', before the finale: here, we have the Christmas Edition version of 'Parousia', an awesome, mind-bending, operatic Opus, which in years to come, will be identified as the iconic beginning of the genre known as 'Christian Goth'. From the arrangements to the vocal-performance to the ambient textures contained within, 'Parousia' is something as good as the best of Kate Bush - ethereal, surreal, haunting, heavenly.

There's still the Bonus Branch, 'Religion Pigeon', which is (just about) reminiscent of 'God', from '22 Dreams', Paul Weller's own career masterpiece. Look out you rock 'n' rollers: let Trace Taylor ring the changes: take a leaf out of her book.'

The Yeshua Tree 1, 2018 : 9/10
Says Cross Rhythms reviewer John Cheek, Broadcast journalist and presenter at Flame Radio,

'"Yeshua"...could easily be film-soundtrack music, with drumming akin to Adam And The Ants circa "Kings Of The Wild Frontier". Powerful and urgent, the sound of two sets of drums played simultaneously and the words, "Yes you are/Governor. . .," leave us in a grand, triumphant mood. Things then get sparse and reflective. "Access" has a UK garage-esque sound, not unlike Craig David, with a lyric all about Jesus giving us access to the throne of the Father. Haunting, spare, magnificent. Continuing on a similar trajectory is "The Flight", where we nearly rise up on wings like eagles, with possibly an Apollo 440 influence (except it's in 444!). "L-L-LOVE remix" and its instrumental (as the last track) is house as good as any heard in an Ibiza nightclub and a meditation on the opening words of 1 Corinthians 13. If things could possibly get any better, they do with "Speech Of The Silent Heavens", a gentle, exposed musing upon Psalms 49 and 118, featuring a beautiful guitar motif. Tremendous vocals and playing throughout...'

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The Yeshua Tree series is recorded in 444HZ, the frequency that it is believed King David of ancient Israel tuned his instruments to (credit to the late Michael Tyrrell of TYT 1 is the first of three projects to make a departure from standard westernised tuning (440hz), to bring some truly good vibes to the marketplace. Below, you will find a snapshot of the six-track ep.