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Placed on a par with highly respected authors C.S. Lewis (‘Mere Christianity’) and Frank Morison (‘Who Moved the Stone?’), check out Trace’s first book From Nothing – Ex Nihilo. Click here, or on the page in the menu to find out more, including media and PDF disclosures. 

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THE YESHUA TREE  – Volume 2 (2023)
Track listing:

1. Let Live (2018 remix)  (listen)
2. Touch The Air (2018 remix)  (listen)
3. Drops Of Crystal Love (2018 remix)  (listen)
4. Realise The Love  (listen)
5. It Is Finished (Goth Mix)  (listen)
6. All Seeing Eyes  (listen)
7. Touch The Air (Instrumental remix)(listen)
8. I’ve Got Jesus In My Life [feat. YOUFF] (listen)
9. Parousia (Christmas Edition) (listen)
10. Bonus Track: Religion Pigeon [feat. Tim Doolan] (listen)

The Yeshua Tree 2
9/10 on Cross Rhythms

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Trace Taylor’s debut single was an outreach project to the alternative music audience. Released for Halloween in October of 2020, Parousia received extensive coverage in Zero Tolerance Magazine. To read up more about it, visit the Christian Goth? and Parousia pages on this website. To watch the video, purchase the track and more, head along to the concept website,

‘Trace Taylor is a “tour-de-force”!’
Jonathan Bellamy, CEO, Cross Rhythms Radio

Parousia - the single (2020)
2020 Single

Receiving 9/10 review on Cross Rhythms,
The Yeshua Tree (1), 2018, by Trace Taylor.

THE YESHUA TREE – Volume 1 (2018)

Track listing: 1. Yeshua  (listen) 2. Access  (listen) 3. The Flight  (listen) 4. L-L-Love (remix)  (listen) 5. Speech Of The Silent Heavens  (listen) 6. L-L-Love (instrumental remix)  (listen)

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Track listing:
1. Let Live (listen)
2. Can You Hear The Bells? (listen)
3. Trust (album mix) (listen)
4. Touch The Air (album mix) (listen)
5. Ethereal Heaven (listen)
6. Some Day (album mix) (listen)
7. Drops Of Crystal Love (listen)
8. It Is Finished (listen)
9. L-L-Love (listen)
10. Back Home (listen)

“9/10 – Brilliant” 
Samme Palermo, founder of NACAR – New Alliance of Christian Artists & Radio and Senior pastor at Oasis Christian Fellowship.  

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Trinity – the stepping stone project to the 2015 album, It Is Finished.


Track listing:
1. Trust (Psalm 31)  (listen)
2. Some Day (extended edition)
3. Touch The Air (same as IIF album)
4. Touch The Air (radio edit)  (listen)

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Trace Taylor’s first collaborative recording project.

Track listing:
1. Heaven (written by T. Taylor)  (listen)
2. Realise The Love (written by T. Taylor)  (listen)
3. Battle Days (written by Phill Kay) (listen)
4. Deep Waters (written by T. Taylor) (listen)
5. Drops Of Crystal Love (written by T. Taylor) (listen)
6. The Long Awaited (written by T. Taylor) (listen)
7. Always (written by T. Taylor) (listen)
8. Cosmic King (written by T. Taylor)  (listen)
9. Your Love (written by Phill Kay)  (listen)
10. God-Man (written by T. Taylor)  (listen)

Trace Taylor’s first recording project with Tall Trees.

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