Trace Taylor & The Resonators

It started in the morning of 2013 when Trace saw the biography of The Who’s Pete Townshend by the side of her husband’s bed. ‘It looks interesting…‘ she thought.

Later that day, Trace check her inbox only to see an email from a Pete Townsend! “No…” she exclaimed, “It can’t be!!” – And you’d be right – it wasn’t! (The first give-away was that his surname missed the ‘h’!) Instead, it was Pete Townsend, a pro bass player who had his own Italian signature cab named after him, responding to an advert that had been posted enquiring for a bass player!

Since 2013, Pete has contributed bass and guitar parts for Trace’s solo projects Trinity, It Is Finished, and The Yeshua Tree 1. It was in May 2018, along with drummer husband Ween, that Trace & The Resonators became a new venture. Trace & The Resonators takes on the ‘Christian Goth’ branch, bringing in an eclectic mix of ethereal rock-pop-folk-chillout sounds. They are currently working on their debut album, with the aim of release in time for Christmas 2024.

Speech of the Silent Heavens – from The Study Sessions

Yeshua – from The Study Sessions

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