Singer-songwriter Trace Taylor is most likened to Florence + The Machine and Annie Lennox, both in style and delivery. Whilst the voice of Trace Taylor are the connecting thread, there are different genres she steps into within her songwriting compositions. Following on from her first album in 2015, the birth of The Yeshua Tree project in 2018 saw the first of a three-part series showcasing her eclectic and growing branches within song-writing. Volume 1 includes eclectic pop/rock/electro, dance-club and devotional music and Volume 2, released in May of 2023, includes a ‘special branch’ made up of collaborations and a more ‘extreme music’ genre named ‘Christian Gothic’, of which Trace’s 2020 debut single Parousia is an example of.

Parousia is the first song Trace has written to have an accompanying feature length video. You can watch it via the concept website, or click on the page called PAROUSIA in the menu bar to the right. Released in October 2020 as a single, it received extensive coverage in the extreme music magazine, Zero Tolerance.

Trace and her band The Resonators, are planning on releasing their first CD into the extreme music arena for December, 2024.

Scroll further down this page to see a selection of live devotional and track videos, taken from Trace’s YouTube channel.

BELOW: Trace Taylor playing ‘devotional worship’ in woodland settings. 

All Seeing Eyes from The Yeshua Tree 2 album.

L-L-Love: From Trace Taylor’s 2015 album It Is Finished