Christian Goth?


Skywatch TV’s Derek P. Gilbert, interviews Trace Taylor on the music genre called ‘CHRISTIAN GOTH’…

Derek P. Gilbert, who hosts the daily news analysis program Five in Ten for SkywatchTV and co-hosts SciFriday and Unraveling Revelation with his wife, author and analyst Sharon K. Gilbert, caught up with singer-songwriter and author Trace Taylor on her branch of music so-named ‘Christian Goth’. Watch this exclusive, on a special edition of View From The Bunker (VFTB), by clicking on the link below:

VFTB 7/9/23: Christian Goth – A View from the Bunker

This is the latest branch of music song-writing to emerge from what seems to be a growing repertoire of styles for Trace Taylor music.

So far since its release in October 2020, Parousia has received a favourable response from international extreme music magazine Zero Tolerance, winding up not in one season, but across three seasons’ magazines. Initially featuring on the cover mount CD of issue 98, Parousia went on to secure a place on the coveted website homepage of featured artists in issue 99. Additionally to ZT Mag, the concept track has secured extensive radio airplay across the globe, particularly within the Halloween festival season.

Following on from Trace’s debut into the lighter side of the gothic world, comes It Is Finished [Goth Mix], a gothic version of the original track from her 2015 so-named debut album, featuring as a pre-release on the cover mount CD of ZT Mag’s Easter edition, 2022. It Is Finished [Goth Mix] is available to purchase from all online digital stores, featuring on The Yeshua Tree 2

To listen to and watch the track video for Parousia, go to